Tunji Olu-Taiwo

Happiness Engineer..Critical Thinker.

About tunjos

I am a Happiness Engineer🕊️ who loves to make things happen by getting the right things done. I have a Software Engineering and Computer Science background. I love meeting people and finding creative ways to bring out the best in other people.
I am an Entrepreneur, a Writer, a Speaker, a Software Engineer and an Innovator. I love a great UI(User Interface) with a superb UX(User Experience).

I spend a great deal of time being happy and a greater deal of time spreading Happiness to others.
My hobbies include Walking, Running, Creative Thinking and Happiness.
Imotivate: You are a wonderful person.

Checkout happydrip.com for my happiness blog.
Checkout learn.tunjos.co for my learning site.

Happiness, Happiness Engineering, Teamwork, Motivational Speaking, Philosophy
Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, Software as a Service (SaaS), Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Android, Kotlin, Java, Javascript, Python, Python
Node.js, Express.js, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, MongoDB, MySQL
Information Security, Cryptography, OSINT
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering

Please get in touch with me 🙂. I love connecting with people!

Email: tunjos@tunjos.co

Phone: +EXEC-0-I-MET-903

Location: Turin, Italy