Tunji Olu-Taiwo

Happiness Engineer..Critical Thinker.


I am a Happy engineer and I love to make things happen. I love meeting people and finding ways to think about the future. I am an Entrepreneur, a Writer, a Speaker, a Programmer, an Innovator and a UI/UX Designer among many others.

I spend a great deal of time being happy and a greater deal of time spreading Happiness to others.
My Hobbies include Walking, Running, Thinking and Happiness.
Imotivate: You are a wonderful person.

Checkout happydrip.com for my happiness blog.

Skills: Happiness, Android, Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby

Get in touch with me. I love connecting with people!

Email: tunjos@tunjos.co

Phone: +EXEC-0-I-MET-903

Location: Turin, Italy