How to preread any Book in less than 15 minutes

Just like you prepare a meal before eating it, you can also preread a book before reading it! Here is how you can.

  1. Read the Title of the Book on the cover page.
    A book can be judged by its cover, but you don’t necessarily/always have to!

  2. Read the Table of Contents.
    This would give you an overview of the chapters and sections in a book, and subsequently, an overview of the contents of the book in terms of its ingredients. Most books have clear chapter and section names that concisely describe the respective underlying contents. However, if you find yourself not understanding the essence of any of the listed items (chapters/sections) in the Table of Contents, you can briefly read the first paragraph (or the first 2-3 paragraphs) of that item (chapter/section).

  3. Read the Introduction.
    An introduction’s purpose is to introduce you to a book and subsequently state the purpose and goals of the book. This would also give you some understanding of the author’s writing style.

  4. Read the Back Cover.
    Many books have interesting texts on the back page that give tips on what a book contains, as well as what your gains would be by reading the book.

Now you have successfully preread your book. You have a summary of what you would benefit from completely reading the book. You can then proceed to read the full book immediately or at a later time.

Tip: When finally reading a book, it is the job of the author to convince you that their words are worth reading. It is the job of the author to persuade you to complete their book!

Tip: Reading takes your mind to places you’d never imagine.


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