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25 Feb 2021

How to preRead any Book in less than 15 minutes

Just like you prepare a meal before eating it, you can also preread a book before reading it! Here is...

09 Dec 2020

Knowledge is Power...But how would you ever know this? - To the rescue, the Wikipedia Mobile App!

Knowledge they say, is power. But what more essential or basic knowledge do you need first, than the knowledge on...

17 Sep 2019

Backup Your GPG Key

Your GPG key is important for many reasons. It’s your verifiable identity used to sign many important things like emails...

27 Feb 2017

Simple expense tracking - You are what you spend!

To be a good saver, you must be a good spender. To have financial stability, you must spend less than...

20 Nov 2016

Shoshin creative attitude - a concept from Zen Buddhism

Shoshin comes from Zen, which is a school of thought that emphasizes meditation and self-control. From Shoshin’s Wiki page, Shoshin...

30 Sep 2016

How I keep my Inbox at 0

Your email is more like a todo list. I also call it a toread list and a toreply list. One...

20 Jul 2016

Hello World

My first blog post. One of my guiding principles to living is this. Life is easy. When its not, it...